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Our Service Portfolio:

Water System Cleaning
Water System Cleaning & Disinfection Services

Sandess provide a full range of cleaning & disinfection services bespoke to the type of water systems on-site.

Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment Services

Sandess provide fully comprehensive bespoke risk assessments for the control of legionella bacteria in domestic water systems, decorative water systems, swimming pools & spa pool systems, process water systems, healthcare water systems and open evaporative and adiabatic cooling systems.

Analytical Testing Services
Analytical & Testing Services

Sandess provide bespoke sampling and analysis services (using UKAS accredited laboratories) for full bacteriological analysis including legionella, total viable count (TVC), coliforms & E. Coli plus chemical analysis for open evaporative cooling systems, closed low temperature heating & chilled water cooling water systems.

Monitoring & Maintenance Services
Monitoring & Maintenance Services

Sandess provide full monitoring and maintenance schedules to include bespoke written control schemes, planned preventative maintenance activities (PPM), management of remedial actions and audit and review services.

Water Management Services
Water Management Consultancy Services

Sandess provide bespoke and ongoing water management consultancy services to a wide range of clients from all sectors including industry, commerce, healthcare and education ensuring full legislative compliance and peace of mind.

Training Services
Training Services

Sandess experienced tutors provide a range of bespoke training courses available at our training centre in Kings Langley, at the client’s premises or on-line via the internet.  All courses are tailored to the client’s specification.

Welcome to Sandess Water Hygiene Services Ltd

Sandess Water Hygiene Services Limited ( established in 1968) supply a wide range of professional services within the field of water management / hygiene services throughout the United Kingdom.  The directors and management team at Sandess have many years of experience and are committed that all works are undertaken by professionally trained staff working within our documented quality procedures thus ensuring that all of our clients have peace of mind by achieving full compliance with relevant legislation.

What are Legionella Bacteria & Legionnaires Disease?

Legionellosis is a collective term used to describe illnesses caused by legionella bacteria including the most serious legionnaires disease which can be a potentially fatal form of pneumonia.  Legionella bacteria are found in the natural environment in lakes, rivers, ponds, med, soil & sediment usually in very low numbers.  Legionella bacteria can cause serious issues within man-made water systems if left unchecked.  Sandess provides a bespoke service offering full compliance with current legislation and peace of mind for the statutory duty holder and responsible person.

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    Legionnaires’ disease found in police HQ showers

    Traces of Legionnaires’ disease have been found in shower heads at a police training college. The discovery was made during routine testing at the Scottish Police College at Tulliallan in Fife on Wednesday. Police Scotland said the shower heads were being replaced and contingency plans were in place. It is understood that no-one has become…

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