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Water System Cleaning & Disinfection Services

Where required, hot and cold water systems should be cleaned, flushed and disinfected:

  • On completion of a new water installation or refurbishment of a hot & cold water system.
  • On installation of new components.
  • Where the hot & cold water services are not used for a prolonged period of time or when weekly flushing has not been carried out.
  • On routine inspection of the cold water storage tank(s), where there is evidence of contamination or stagnation.
  • If the system (or part) has been substantially altered or entered for maintenance purposes which may introduce contamination.
  • Following water sample results which indicate evidence of microbial contamination of the water system(s).
  • During or following a suspected outbreak of Legionellosis linked to the system.
  • As indicated in the current risk assessment.

There are various ways and various types of disinfectants that can be used to disinfect water systems.  Please contact us for specialist advice regarding which disinfectant is best suited to the type of water systems that your organisation manages.