Sandess Water Hygiene Services Ltd
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Sandess Water Management

Monitoring & Maintenance Services

Sandess provide a full range of services in respect of monitoring & maintenance of building, open evaporative & adiabatic cooling systems including:

  • Planned Preventative Maintenance Tasks (PPM) to include flushing, temperature monitoring, calorifier purges, shower descaling, outlet descaling, cold water storage tank inspections, water softener checks, reverse osmosis unit checks and cooling water system weekly, monthly quarterly, and annual checks.
  • Closed low temperature hot water heating & chilled water cooling system checks and chemical dosing if required.
  • Identification and removal of dead legs and disused water systems & apparatus.
  • Cleaning & disinfection of cold water storage tanks and pipe work systems.
  • Descaling of calorifiers and water heaters.
  • Thermostatic Mixing Valve Inspection & Servicing.
  • Hands on task related training to enable the client’s representatives to perform PPM tasks in-house.
  • Formal review and audit services.