Sandess Water Treatment
Environmental Services and Water Treatment

The Laboratory

The Company Laboratory is situated at it’s Head Office in Watford and is equipped to carry out Bacteriological and Chemical Analysis.


  • Chemical Pre-Commission Cleaning of new installed systems, (Heating, Chilled Water and Condenser Cooling) to B.S.R.I.A. 8/91 or CIBSE.
  • Chemical Cleaning of existing Heating, Chilled Water and Condenser Cooling Systems, including Cooling Towers and Air Handling Units and Boiler Plant.
  • Descaling of Boilers, Calorifiers, Heat Exchangers, Evaporative Cooling Towers and Air Humidifiers.
  • High Pressure Jetting of Drainage Pipework Systems, Storage Tanks, Vessels and Cooling Condensers.
  • Water Jetting and Steam Cleaning of the external surfaces to buildings
  • C.C.T.V. Surveys and Reports.
  • Refurbishment of Potable Water Tanks to Byelaw 30.
  • Cleaning and Decontamination of Oil and Fuel Storage Tanks and associated Pipework.
  • Refurbishment of Oil Interceptors.
  • Chemical De-commissioning of Plant and Factory Works.
  • Degreasing and Regreasing / Coating Application of H.V. and L.V. Insulator bushings in Electrical Sub-Stations

Water Treatment

  • Disinfection & Chlorination to B.S.6700 & HS(G)70.
  • Risk Assessment, Survey and Consultation Services for
  • Water Treatment & Management.
  • Supply, installation and commissioning of a full range of Water Treatment Plant & Equipment.
  • Monitoring and Visual Inspection of Distribution Systems, Storage Tanks and Cooling Towers for Commercial and Industrial Buildings.
  • Supply of Treatment Chemicals.
  • Bacteriological and Legionella Analysis.
  • Water Management Service Contracts.